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Welcome to the 05th International Conference on Marketing Management  which taking place in , Lisbon in Portugal  on 2024-07-06 & 07 at Lisbon in Portugal .
22nd Jun 2018

International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Advancement in modern sciences and paradigm shift in assessing the beneficial value of old and existing medical practices often lead to the questioning of traditional approaches. Hence, nutrition of traditional sciences requires strong advocacy. Forums and groups that bring out the continued relevance and nuances of traditional therapies such as Ayurveda create a sure-footed impact over time.They performed innovative experiments to bring new discoveries to the society. Humans always tried to share knowledge with the world. However, like all things ancient and traditional, the practice of Ayurveda was beset with challenges, especially at the turn of the 20th century.Please click Call for Papers

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International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Marketing